Monday, June 14, 2010

10 things I learned this weekend

1. If there's a will there's a way!
2. Time is of the essence.
3. Hi my name is LaLa and I'm a procrastinator.
4. I missed my cupcake CeCe
5. Love conquers all things.
6. I really hate driving!!
7. We make a great team.
8. Aaron and I are obsessed with Oreo Goldens smh lol
9. I could spend hours lost in crafts.
10. Lakers are really starting to 'P' me off lol But I still love them!! GO LA!

4 love notes:

Jayka said...

this is my favorite picture of you two, you both look so relaxed.

as for the post, I love this these lists!

and the book, u can mail it, or hand deliver!?

JAY-J!™ NGUYEN said...

Hi, I'm Jennifer, and I'm a procrastinator.

Miss.Fortune said...

haha..i can be a procrastinator at times too..ugh sucks!

Cece said...

I missed u more dot eyes!! Xoxoxo where is our wedding montage! :) love u! I look fancy on the big wheel!