Wednesday, May 12, 2010

on that note

I haven't done this "type" of post in a while, vents/rant I have a few quick rambles or "twice cents" if you may... here goes nothing.

First up, Miley Cyrus, seriously who doesn't dance like that? 21 or 17, not to say it's right but I mean really?? COME ON, she a teen, being a teen and anyone who has a little sister or niece KNOWS THIS! It really bugs me how the media turns everyone against young star (and even older stars) for being NORMAL, if Miley Cyrus wasn't Miley Cyrus would you care how she was dancing or with. UGHHH! I'm not just saying this because I like Miley Cyrus I'm saying this because it's ridiculous that "famous" people can not live there life, if you think about 9 times out of 10 site like TMZ and Perez Hilton make money and publicity off of thing regular people do EVERYDAY or on the weekends but it's a huge deal because they are famous smh, PLEASE STOP THE INSANITY, leave Miley alone! If you have no clue what I'm talking about, click here but I rather you didn't!

Utah fans GROW UP!!!! (again I'm not just saying this because I LOVE D. Fish lol) But really you are booing a man who left Utah to get better care for his DAUGHTER, his child!! Are you that dumb to understand that??!? "Tragedy struck in 2007 when Fisher was playing for the Jazz. His 10-month-old daughter, Tatum, was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, a cancerous tumor, in her left eye. At the end of the summer, the Jazz accepted Fisher's request to be released so he could live in one of the six or seven cities where he could obtain the best treatment for his daughter." Is this man wrong for doing this?? Is he a lair?? Does he deserved to get booed?? Not only was a grown man spotted behind the backboard covering his eye as a form of a taunt, but two young women sitting courtside wore T-shirts reading "Fisher" and "Lied." Seriously get over it, people leave teams all the time for no good reason, this reason is justified and you suck anyway, we need to sweep-up these "fans" just like we sweep the Jazz, goodbye!!
P.S. Of course, what would I expect from a fan base (Utah) that, according to a study from Harvard - has the highest percentage of residents who PAY for internet porn!! Not only are these people totally bored with their lives, they are incredibly stupid for paying for something that is FREE!! Paying for porn is like paying for oxygen. Look around hard enough, and you can find some for free. :)

Dear, Betty White you are my hero! If you haven't seen her SNL appearance please google and watch, it's history!! How I love that women! “I didn’t know what Facebook was,” White said, ”Now that I do know what it is, I have to say, it seems like a huge waste of time.” Classic! Yes please let her host the Oscars, I will actually watch it, I promise! lol

Enough, ENOUGH, ENOUGH, Katy Perry and Russell Brand please it's just disgusting and I STILL can't get over the fact that she left Travie McCoy for that... smh I guess she liked "Inside of You" pun intended ha

Iron Man 2, $133.6 million opening night! WELL WELL WELL deserved if you haven't seen it, are you kidding me, what's WRONG WITH YOU lol it's amazing and I seen it on IMAX, yes I popped my IMAX cherry and I mean really how can you ever go back... This one was a little different, being that it was a tab funnier then the first but I still loved it and the place was sold out!!! GO SEE IT if you haven't!

Don't dismiss the person in the FRONT! Not to say I know everything, but I know everything. I absolutely loath when people come into my office and totally disregard me like I know nothing, it's so annoying and beyond rude, let get it right I'm not a dumb ass just sitting here greeting people, I know more then most people in the office actually, seriously!

Clogs back in fashion... let's NOT and say we did, or wait we really DID! Please don't do this to us.. smh

Lastly... let me remind EVERYONE at there, just like Valentines, Mother's Day is a man made holiday, not to say I DON'T celebrate or enjoy or think it's a great idea, I'm just saying like Valentines day you SHOULDN'T need "a day", you should always love and appreciate your mother, she bought you in this world, and like my mum use to say, "she'll take you out!" Remember no one lives forever, so you should give roses while people (moms) can still smell em, yes I did just quote Kanye! Seriously from someone who lost their mother at a young age, I know what it's like not to have her, so while do you MAKE SURE you celebrate her despite "a day" you don't need Hallmark to tell you when to tell her, she is amazing, thank you, and I love you! She gave you breath and made your life possible, she deserves more then just a day! I'm just saying!!

15 more days till.. SEX IN THE CITY 2!!!!

before you go please watch, this! Seriously they are seven! their mothers should be slapped!!

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Anonymous said...

Oooh I am so excited to see Iron Man 2! Guilty pleasure! I'm glad it was good :)
(ps fwiw I love this post ;)

Anonymous said...

I neeeed to get on that Betty White SNL episode ASAP!! I missed it! But I do completely agree about Miley. I was shocked at first, not guna lie, LOL only because I really wasn't expecting that from her, but then I realized her age and well it only makes sense LOL!


atropa belladonna said...

i bet if little black girls did tht dance it would be all over the internet also i think the dance would have been more appropriate if they had on outfits that covered more. . .smh hahahaha

chelsea rebecca said...

okay seriosuly THIS IS AWESOME!!
rant posts are always needed.
i couldn't agree with you more on the fisher thing. its awful.
and i so loved IRON MAN! seriously best ten dollars i spent this month.

Anonymous said...

wow. unbelievable! and I'm going with my bff on her birthday to see Sex and the city 2!

Kara said...

Not gonna lie, I loved this post and agree with 99% of it and I think it should happen more often! Totally LOL'ed the whole time :)

Jayka said...

one word: wow

three words: i luv ya!