Wednesday, April 07, 2010

your question, my answers

So it's no secret that I have tee best readers and followers. I have truly been blessed with a special group of friends that I would love to have the chance at meeting one day. Lately you've all had some questions asked and some were posted in comments, some on FB, MY FORMSPRING and some were emailed. So I thought the best way to follow up with all your wonderful questions was to do a blog post :)
so here we go!

Q: Since Lent is over are you going to continue being a vegan?
A: I've been a vegetarian for 3 years now. For those who don't know I went vegan for Lent 40 day & 40 night (but more like 45days & nights) Going in I really thought I was going to struggle because I was such a huge fan of cheese and eggs. But doing this seriously changed me life I've never felt better (and probably looked better)and it wasn't at all as hard as I thought it would be, not to say it wasn't a challenge cause it was (and still is) but letting go of those things was nothing, easier then I thought! So YES I will continue to live as a vegan and have a vegan lifestyle the more I read and information I take in and learn from the more it reassures me that this is the BEST lifestyle to have, I know years have been added to my life by the choices and changes I've made in my life. I love being Vegan! You should try it!
Q: How old were you when you had Exavier?
A: I guess I don't keep to much information a secret from you all, so why start now lol I got pregnant with my son, Exavier when I was 20 and gave birth to him when I was 21. Yes that is young and NO I don't regret it for one second. Sure I know things would be so different if I would have waited or "be safe" to start with but the reality of it, is that things are just as it should be, I don't need to reflect of the, would ifs or maybes it is what it is and I'm HAPPY to have an awesome little boy who loves me more than anything in this world! He is my everything and like I always share with people, my son saved my life!

Q: Can you cook for me?
A: I would love too, let's set a date! I love coming and having company!

Q: How do you find time to blog so much?
A: baaahahahaha!! I wish I made more time lol but I guess for an average blogger I do pretty well being that I got this question lmao Well I just do it whenever I have down time which you can tell lately I've had NONE but I always look at when I have NO TIME to blog it's a GOOD THING, life is good and busy, the way it should be. But I love blogging and sharing with you all so I make it a priority in my life and it is for me a very BIG de-stresser! You'll MAKE time for something you really want to do! :)
Q: i love how your food looks when you post them [mmmmm]. i love to cook too but i can never find any inspiration. what do you suggest i do? please and thanks =)
A: Awe! Thanks so much doll! I love cooking it just puts me in the best mood but after a l o n g day at work truly it's the last thing I want to do but as a dedication to myself, my family, and health I have promised to stay motivated to cook and make it fun! That's the key really, try different things in the kitchen something you never cooked or something you seen on TV you'll get excited about it and actually want to do it rather then feeling like you have to. One thing that gets me going is looking at food blogs and recipe sites, it gets me excited and into cooking mode! Good Luck!♥

Q: why are you so amazing? - Bri
A: you are too sweet! I think I just try to be me, enjoy life, be positive and make everyone around me comfortable and happy! :) Life is too short to be a stick in the mud! ;)

Q: did aaron officially move in with you
A: I have a strong idea of what I want and that hasn't changed. I've done the whole "play house" thing with men and I've outgrown that. Aaron knows that we can not live together until we get married. So No he didn't move in, he spends the night every so often and although I think of my house as our home, the only shoes under my bed our mine! I don't want a man that is just going to be a live in, I want a husband and since we both are not there yet he has his house and I have mine! :) I'll keep you posted lol

Q: how tall are you?
A: haha you know I have no idea... I think 5'5
Q: Did you change your layout?
A: Yes! After the 'Love You Body' month ended I totally re-did my blog into what you see now. I love it and it's very spring, enjoy!

Q: will you have giveaways?
A: I plan on it, I'm in the process of being special packages for my Team love the bloggers who joined love your body month. Once I get those sent I plan on having a wonderful, lovely giveaway, I promise, stay tune! :)

Q: Is Ex a Vegan now too?
A: He says he is lol and it's the cutest, sweetest thing ever!! But not hardly he love his Milk but he pretty much is a vegetarian because he doesn't hardly eat meat! Which I love! ;) & beyond milk he doesn't really do any other dairy, he is over cheese and eggs so it's wonderful thing!! ♥ I'm building my vegan love!

You guys are more then amazing! Thank you for all the great question and lovely comments. I love getting them and I love that we interact it's the best part of blogging. So please keep the questions coming I hope to do this on a regular bases now! So you can comment here MORE questions here or FORMSPRING.ME, email works fine too whatever you want! :) I love you all so much!

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Elizabeth said...

the question & answer post is amazing! answered a lot of questions i had in mind too.

love ya!

Briana said...

LOL I love my question heheee <3