Thursday, April 15, 2010

you ain't never caught a rabbit

Can someone PLEASE tell me what happened last night??? This is EXACTLY why I STOPPED watching American Idol, seriously Andrew Garcia is gone.. hmmm and some how you want me to believe that it's NOT fixed.. smh come on he had so many people voting for him and now he is gone??.. So wrong, I still will NOT be watching the show and wont in the future. I know one thing is for sure someone is going to grab this boy up and put a ring album on it!! GUARANTEED! They kept talking about how they didn't see him come back from Straight up, HELLLLOOOO that's all he did, he took every single song he sang and made it **HIS OWN! Duh that's what he does, that's what he did with Straight up! UGHHH I'm so annoyed! Please continue to Support Andrew Garcia regardless of the fact that is was "voted" off of 'FAKE'-idol. The man has talent and I would love to own an album one day!



3 love notes:

Emma Jade said...

i was so sad when he got voted off :( hes so lovely and has a fantastic voice, i watched his youtube vids before he was on ai.

Kara said...

SO. PISSED. When he releases an album, you know I'll be first to buy it!!

Amy Renee Martin said...

He does have a unique voice. Meaty and full of character. I would buy his album too. Kinda old school flavor in there but yet modern. I like him too. I don't watch American Idol, but he has a great voice.