Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thing I love Thursday

{please visit, Rachel of Go Placidly she is awesome and always inspires me with her love Thursdays!!}

I think I love Thursdays so much because tomorrow is FRIDAY lol This week has been such a loooong one for me ugh I just need some much needed rest is all! But before I ramble on to much let me tell you about a few things I'm loving at the moment!
YARD SALES! I've always loved yard/garage sales but you know what I love even more, having my OWN!! This pass weekend my sister and I hosted a yard sale and came up pretty nicely I must say, this weekend will are last go at it, at least for this month lol I total I made over 50 bucks, not to shabby ay, I think this cute little boy helped sales ;)

The SUNSHINE!! Sunday we are so doing the Beach thing!!

making love till the break of dawn, I know TMI but I can't get enough haha

the lovely Jennifer and her 27 dress Challenge! Amazing Idea and I'm loving every min of it!

sadly the 60 second millionaire

Planning my 25th Minnie VINTAGE Party!!

changing people's mind about M E A T !

Seeing this Ray of Sunshine TWO weekends in a row!!

morning SMOOTHIES!!!!

Thrift stores! (duh)

shopping for my package exchanges!!

All things vintage! This is a little place inside of Knotts Berry Farm I went a little picture happy but it's SOOOO perfect and my dream HOUSE one day, to see more wonderful photos of this place check out my facebook (:
"I'm more then just an option!" Drake is doing it up big with all these recent single release, I'm loving it! This song is great, um yes because it's KANYE LOVE duh!

Tell me what are you loving on this Thursday?

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Anonymous said...

lady, you are too sweet. I am so glad you're doing "things i love thursdays"!! it is such a fun post to do!
i love love love the sunshine right now too, after this forever-winter it is so beautiful to see some sun! :) xx

Dorian said...

I love smoothies for brunch. SO it's kinda morning. NEW FOLLOWER!! Hi I'm Dorian!

Hope Chella said...

That ray of sunshine is adorable!!!! :-)

Hope xx

Jennifer aka. Jasifer said...

Aw, you make me so happy, so happy you're so excited about the challenge, just as much as I am. :) yay. Nice list btw.
I'm lovin' that this day is over, lol, cause I busted my ass at work today, hehe, and I'm lovin your blog and the 27 dresses challenge! :D

BBM said...

when i have a daughter .... she's gonna marry ure son. lol.

chelsea rebecca said...

that comment above me is great! haha.

thrift stores and smoothies are the best!
good luck on your yard sale this weekend! they are so much fun!!

Jess said...

Yard sales are the best! I love what you find at them. And that 27 dresses challenge sounds interesting. I'm going to check it out. Have a great weekend! xx

AdminMoMo said...

Great blog! I love your layout!


Anonymous said...

this post is too cute! i love the photo of your son! yard sales are so fun. and the challenge of the dresses is amazing!

Miss.Fortune said...

i love yard sales..always find great things for cheap in well condition..
aww look at the baby!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Drizzy Drake = <3 hehe. Great post love!! I want to go to your minnie vintage party!!!

Elizabeth said...

That is the fanciest yard sale sign I've ever seen...and I think it helped to have that adorable boy holding it too :)