Friday, April 23, 2010

so many dresses so little time

So Jennifer at JasiferlionsClub is hosting a 27 Dresses Challenge which I will happily be joining.. and you should to!

*Wear a dress everyday for 27 days straight.
*Mix/combine your dress with anything, that is fine, you don't need to wear ONLY a dress ;)
*Gazel asked if skirts were OK, and YES, that way maybe more people can join, as long as it looks "dressy" it's fine.
Join the fun --> CLICK
start anytime! (I'm starting tomorrow!)

My personal inspiration & modvation will be...
none other then Carrie from Sex in the City, she always has the cutest dresses and outfits, I adore her and her wardrobe :) && of course SPRING!sex and the city

I'm so excited to get this going, I love dresses, I love everything about them!! So this for me, wearing dresses 27 dresses straight will be a dream!! I just hope Mr. Sun stay up! lol and I hope I own 27 dresses lol I guess we shall see, stay tune! & if you feel up to it join in! ♥ Thanks Jennifer for the great fun!

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Anonymous said...

this is such a cute idea! i am totally doing this...but maybe when it gets a wee bit warmer ;)

Anonymous said...

I wish I had 27 dresses. Maybe ill do atleast a week or two .. 14 dresses =)

Anonymous said...

I feel like I do this everyday anyway but THIS IS SUCH A CUTE IDEA!!! :) dresses are love

Hope Chella said...

I wish I had more dresses and could depend on the weather in RI more! Have a great weekend and adorable blog :) xx

atropa belladonna said...

this looks like it's so fun but i have no funds and no dresses so i can't participate

and thank you for the good luck i need it =)
i'm sure coming from such a lovely person as you it'll come in big strides

Jayka said...

sounds like so much FUN and a little challenging! Good luck girly, can't wait to see pix!

Jennifer said...

:) Oh gosh *blush* thanks for putting this challenge up on your blog, that's soo nice. Hope more people want to join, I don't even know myself if I have 27 dresses, lol, but that's the fun part...we'll see, CAN wear skirts ;) so maybe that makes the challenge a bit more easy. Join the fun girls.

Anonymous said...

this sounds fun! i can't wait to see your style :)

Miss.Fortune said...

i absolutely love this..unfortunately one of my jobs i have to wear uniform..and thats 2-3 days out of the week but when i quit...which will hopefully be soon...i will join this challenge.. i love it!