Tuesday, April 06, 2010

no plan, is my plans

So I've never been a big planner and mainly because plans tend to fall apart.. I see the use of having a day planned out in advance for something special, like a concert or something but mainly making a plan for a day on that day is just not my cup of tea and this Saturday PROVED just that!! This Saturday Aaron and I had the whole day planned and mapped out we were doing well till an unexpected, "surprise" popped up that made us re-think our day and we ended up in LA at his parents house so he could get a hair cut. Well first great thing that came out of this was I got to see and spend time with his fam-bam I haven't seen in a while. Secondly got to spend time with my soon to be sis-in-law doing girl things, we went to get our eye brows done while Aaron got his hair cut. BUTTTT the best unPLANNED event was the fact that it was Aaron's Grandma's birthday and his father invited us to dinner. I hadn't yet met his Grandma or Aunt so I was super excited!! One of the best things was his dad picked Lucille's BBQ (a vegan's nightmare) but turned out to be perfect because that's where Aaron and I had our first date!! :) isn't that FATE!!! ♥ Since our Ann was in a day!!

My unplanned day was just amazing, his family is so ideal and ever so inviting, it's always a nervous thing when you have to explain to people that you are vegan but his family was so good about it and were so nice to me and just asked questions and praised me for being to strong minded! Aaron's grandma was the cutest thing, EVER she was soooo sweet and just kept telling me how precious Exavier was and how she really wants us to visit her more often. It was just the perfect night! PS. I got a VEGAN GARDEN BURGER AT Lucille's BBQ SPREAD THE WORD!!!!! :) hahaha

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Anonymous said...

the pictures are amazing and happy anniversary. i wish you too nothing but the best!!!

Kara said...

Aww, that's amazing :) I'm so glad you and his family love each other! That's a priceless gift not everybody has.

Jayka said...

how awesome! and happy anniversary :)

Emma Jade said...

I love it when amazing days happen by accident! theyre always the best!

my name is lauren. said...

i fully agree...unplanned days always turn out the best because you have no expectations. expectations always ruin things.

glad you had fun, and i think it's so great that you love your in-laws...that always makes a marriage better, since you have to deal with them forever :).

happy wednesday!


MC said...

Great story, unexpected plans are the best plans!! & Happy Anniversary, you guys are great together!!