Thursday, April 01, 2010

March into April

Rabbit, Rabbit! Wow I can NOT believe it's April 1st it's mind blowing how fast time is flying by and kind of sad :\ but I can't deny that I'm HAPPY it's APRIL! Hello Spring Although the weather is a bit weird right now with a little bit of rain and cold, cold wind, so weird.. WHERE ARE YOU SUNSHINE!?! Any how here is my collection of March 90 days of 365! If you remember Mara gave me the idea (& challenge) to try and get a little GREEN in every photo, I actually did really well on this one and it was a lot easier then I thought lol.

What a month is it was, it was good to me I have to say!! And yes #31 is a REAL rabbit, seen here at my job walking to lunch with JuJu... See More and see all, H E R E


3 love notes:

Briana said...

I think you did an excellent job at getting green in all of your pictures!!!! LOVES it

Elizabeth said...

I honestly think you did an amazing job. i love the photos, especially cause green is my favorite color!!!

Madi Rose said...

seriously! its easter, and it snowed today where i lived!! ridiculous. haha cute pictures!