Monday, April 12, 2010

loving hut loving you

This past Wednesday we went back to my favorite Restaurant for dinner, Loving Hut where Vegan are loved and every where you look. It's such a great environment and I can't great enough of there great yummy, good for you food! Enjoy the scene!

The pictures above included: a Strawberry Paradise, Vegan Thai Tea, veggie pancake, Lemon Grass Country, Loving Burger and my favorite Peanut Butter Dream♥... Now tell me do you still think Vegan is "hard"??

**You can always see more photos on my FaceBook :)

4 love notes:

love, keys said...

oh man that looks sooo good! gooossssshh!!!!!!!!

Briana said...

yummm! anything with the words peanut butter and dream sounds good to me!

Chymere said...


Elizabeth said...

Yom! now i want to become vegan!