Thursday, April 08, 2010

A is for April

April has been so good to me and it's only the 8th, my past seven days in photo form, enjoy and follow my 365 Project

April 1st
The end of my Love your Body month, My Post it post went well 31 positive, encouraging post it's on my bathroom mirror, the best thing I ever did♥

April 2nd
Let me just say it, life is pretty amazing when you live with two super hero!

April 3rd
Our First date spot, re-played and enhanced first meeting of Granny and Auntie, what a great family night! Lucille's gone VEGAN!

April 4th
Happy Easter! God is Good, Life is Good. My boy doing his painting thing, he loves his blue!

April 5th
A year in counting, our Anniversary, with love. It was cloudy and cold but we don't let ANYTHING or ANYONE rain on our parade!

April 6th
Dinner and a Movie! On Tuesday night when I got out of work I took the boys out to dinner (Poato Tacos) and then we went to the movies ♥ Ex loves his balloons, I haven't seen one of these balloon machines in ages..

April 7th
The way I spend my life now, in search of good Vegan Cuisine

8 love notes:

Anonymous said...

this is a lovely post :)
and cute blog-makeover! so pretty! xx

Emma Jade said...

loving the batman capes! :)

Jennifer said...

Aw, nice pictures, love the way you've taken them and the vintage look. and also, great idea with the notes on your bathroom mirror, I should do something the same :)

//new follower

Miss.Fortune said...

omg batman! that is THEEEEE cutest. i love it

chelsea rebecca said...

um i'm dying... that superhero picture might me the cutest thing i have ever seen!
its so wonderful to see how awesome your april has been so far!

Anonymous said...

I loveee these pictures! ESPECIALLY the two superhero's LOL that might be the cutest picture I've ever seen!

Darling Nikky said...

i miss u sweet thang! where u been at??

Anonymous said...

love the photo of the heart shape! looks like this month is going great :) glad your a vegan!!!