Thursday, April 29, 2010

if I ruled the world

So going over my dailies this morning I found a link on the beautiful Emma's page with a post about Why She is awesome I thought, "wow finally women who love them self" I love it Emma got this wonderful and great idea form Siovhan now let me tell you a little bit about the siovhan show #1 if you are not reading and following you are so NUTS #2 this chick seriously RULES #3 INSPIRATION to the 3rd power #4 do you need more reason just go see for your self, GO NOW! I am joining these lovely ladies on telling the world why I'm awesome, I commit to doing this at least twice a week, tell you why I'm awesome at that point and time! We need to starting love our self and showing others that it's ok to think of our self as awesome and worth it ALL! Join in The Siovhan Show and/or Daisy Chain Adventures
This Mom Rocks
i rock today because...

.my son calls me a princess
.my BF his me his princess
.I'm a princess! haha
.I work hard for the $$$
.I make my boy h a p p y (:
.I rocked my 6th DRESS!
.I'm bloggin queen!
.take beautiful pictures
.people others smile and laugh
.I always find a way
.edit like a pro
.I pass on happiness
.I'm a html queen
.made him feel appreciated
.I forgive!
.cleaned my entire kitchen last night
.started a bucket list

Tell me, why do you rock, rule, or are awesome today?..

7 love notes:

Anonymous said...

you rock EVERY day :) my blogging queen hehe

Emma Jade said...

You really are AMAZING! Thanks for joining in beautiful lady! :D

BBM said...

because i busted out 7, 100 page environmental impact reports today ... hehehe. im a nerd ... but hey, i did it all in heels! ;-)

chelsea rebecca said...

oh yeah YOU RULE!!!
this is such a great concept!
and i love love love it!!
hooray for how wonderful you are!

i wrote my paper 2 days before it was do i'm awesome because thats a record for me!! haha.

Felicia Marcellina said...

cool!! =)
awesome , you rule. momma rocks =)

Anonymous said...

awe too cute! and i rock because i am a single mum :)

Miss.Fortune said...

wow i love it!
very inspiring!
you rock..
i think i'll do one a little later