Friday, April 23, 2010

Finding Amy Lovely

Can I tell you I got the best mail ever on Wednesday, my winnings from Amy's Giveaway at Finding Everything Lovely I was excited and can't wait to buy so cute frames to hang them up like Amy suggested! I won a Little Prisons Postcard Pack by The Little Fox! They are so cute! I love them. I think Amy is just wonderful and I love her blog if you don't yet know Amy or follow her blog, please do so NOW!!!
----> Finding Everything Lovely !!

Thanks Amy!!

3 love notes:

Jayka said...

that reminds me, i have something i want to send you. email me ur address

Amy Renee Martin said...

AWE! I am so glad you liked them! So thankful for your super sweet shout out! Thanks for linking to my bloggity blog.

Elizabeth said...