Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Easter Basket

So as I talked about in an early post I pretty much got all the fixings for Exavier's basket early (which by how FAST it came I'm so glad I did) I decided on a Spiderman theme.

so #1 on making your own Easter Baskets is chose a theme
Once you've chosen a theme it's pretty easy from there unless your theme is, really hard to find. (So I suggest something that's popular an easy to find, this is suppose to be fun NOT stressful!)

#2 choose wisely it's easy to go into ANY store around Easter time and load up on Easter candy (junk), but DON'T, I mean unless you don't mind your little ones running around on a sugar high for a week straight... So from the get go I knew I wanted to get more toys then anything else, I also did cracker snacks, and very few Easter candies.

#3 Bargain Hunt! when talk to girlfriends and other parents I was SO SURPRISED at how much they spend trying to make a "good" Easter basket. Please, please, please understand that Easter is just one of the Holidays our children expect goodies at, spend wisely!! There is only a few things that Didn't come from 99cent store, dollar tress, big lots, and K-Mart. But mostly EVERYTHING (each item, toy, candy, snack) was under $3.00!

#4 one of the most important things is GET A GOOD SIZE BASKET based upon all the toys I got all the different shapes in sized it was so important that I found a good size basket to hold everything!

#5 build away once you have all you need (want) start stuffing your basket, I started out with (recycled) fake grass topped with Jelly Beans. Then all the other goodies on top. Most of the littler toys I took them out of the packaging to have more basket space and the taller things (kite, bat) went in the middle (where the wrapping would meet)

#6 HAVE FUN! make it special, make it personal! I grew up having my mom personalized basket for us, it is one of my favorite child hood memories, waking up to an Easter basket just for me, with all the things I LIKE! :) I know your kids will love it (or grown up friends and lovers ;) )

2 love notes:

Anonymous said...

awe Lala. that is so sweet. your a good mommy! i love the basket!

MC said...

You're so creative LaLa. I bet he LOVED it!