Monday, April 12, 2010

a disconnect

ihate when my internet is down all weekend!!!

It feels like such a disconnect between me and my blogging friends and the rest of the world lol Plus I feel so behind on my READS and POSTING blaahhh...
On the other hand had another F A B U L O U S ♥ weekend.. Stay tune and hear all about it ;) && as always much picture over loads lol.

+++Plus many thank yous to all my NEW readers and followers. I can't wait to get to know you better, keep in touch!

life is good.

"To make a difference is not a matter of accident, a matter of casual occurrence of the tides. People choose to make a difference." — Maya Angelou

2 love notes:

Elizabeth said...

i LOVE this quote from Maya! and i feel the same way too. no internet is like no air to breathe!

Emma Jade said...

i thought you had been a little absent! I hate it when the internet plays up!