Wednesday, April 14, 2010

a day in our shoes

So it's no secret that working for a college has many perks and great benefits! This past Friday we hosted a "Woodstock" carnival on campus (everything was FREE) and everything was amazing, great carnival food, tie-dye, jumpers, fortune teller, henna, breads, music, and good people! So of course when something great like this comes along and it's free, I made sure my little fam was there :) we had a great time!
Aaron and I got our cards read and can I tell you that it was very insightful and scary at the same time. lol Over all it was a great reading and she really laid on the fact that I'm with the RIGHT person at the RIGHT time... that made me smile. Needless to say Exavier had an amazing time with all my co-workers kids we jumped in the jumper together and had lost of cotton candy. We had a blast!!

2 love notes:

Jennifer said...

Lovely pictures! You all looks so cute and happy, I wanna join the fun! :D

Elizabeth said...

fun fun fun! i love the whole idea of Woodstock! lovely photos!