Thursday, April 15, 2010

birthday inspiration

Yesterday my birthday was officially, 3 months away!! I had been playing back and forth with many idea for my special 25 and I know for sure that it has to be vintage theme Minnie Mouse :) Today I did a little search to get some inspiration, I found some....

Minnie 2
I'm still a Little girl.
For Tadam007
Vintage Mickey (for Larisa82)
Minnie Mouse
Halloween Outfit No. 1

I have this grand idea in my head and will start to plan in the next couple of months. So here is where all you lovely readers come in :) please send me ALL and ANY idea you may have or even if any of you craft lovely would like to donate to the cause :) I would love that!! But I'm pretty much looking at a vintage theme, lace, bows, pink, red, black, mini hats, polka dots, mouse ears kinda thing going on. I'm obsessed with Minnie & Mickey and I think it would be so cute!! **figures crossed** so don't be shy please I'm open to all thoughts and idea!! :) you can always email me also, or facebook me! Love you all! ox

10 love notes:

Seth B. said...

What are you doing for your 25th? You need to call me asap!

Jennifer said...

Oh nice theme! :D did you do all of those layouts? Lovely...they are all spot on, I don't really have anything to add :D like the 6th one the most from top down. :D

chelsea rebecca said...

3 MONTHS AWAY!! woohoo!
i love all the minnie mouse items! so so cute!! i love polka dots!

Briana said...

this is so adorable! I will start thinking of some ideas!

rachel said...

all of this! it's so cute :D

Emma Jade said...

thats an amazing theme! I love the blue dress in the second look, would be fab on you!
ill keep thinking of ideas for you!

Miss.Fortune said...

my first love is and has always been with i give you permission..lmao just kidding..but this is way too cute. i still have many mickey mouse trinkets in my apartment.
all of the outfits are oh so lovely lala..i cant wait to see the final outcome

Elizabeth said...

i love this a lot... too cute!

Kara said...

Oh my gahhddddd I LOVE that first look!!! So so cute. Happy almost birthday! ;)

fhen said...

wow this minnie mouse theme is super great!

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