Wednesday, April 21, 2010

berry blast

This past Saturday, Aaron and I took Exavier and my niece Maia to Knott's Berry Farm I haven't been in years it seems like and well needless to say we had such a great time. My niece turned 14 last Tuesday so this was a little treat for her from us. She had an amazing time and she looked amazing! She got complements all day and I know it made her feel good to be HERself and get so much positive feedback, from complete strangers. It amazing to see how much see has grown but she will always be my little princess ♥ Exavier also had a blast and manage to get on every ride, I think we only left Camp Snoopy twice the entire day lol but it's ok we had a great time!

As always there are tons more photos, go my facebook to see them :) I will however post a very entertaining video later hahaha.

3 love notes:

love, keys said...

this si adorable in EVERY single way! LOVE IT <3

Elizabeth said...

awe, i really love this. looks like lots of fun!

Emma Jade said...

all of these photos look so fun!