Thursday, April 22, 2010

another one bites the grass

Today I recieved one of the best comments I've ever gotten since I've been bloggin, it was from Gor(Jess) of,

hey girl ; so i have been reading your blogs for a while - & reading them & also talking to my doctor .. i have decided to become a i was wondering if you can help me out with this and pointers ; things i should eat and things i should stay away from. PLEASE ; i would reallllllly appreciate it

Needless to say I was so humbled that she would choose me for veggie advice and that she is a lovely reader of course! I thought this would be a GREAT opportunity to share the "wealth", knowledge of vegetarianism with all my readers so here is my response back to ms. Jess.

I would 1st like to say congrats on going Veggie, welcome to the 1st day of the rest of your life lol but seriously you will begin to see a different in your health, body, attitude, and the way you look at the world. It's an awesome and beautiful gift to give yourself! :) I'm also super touched that you are asking me for advice, that's very humbling. When I first went vegetarian (3 years ago) I did it because I read so much on what was being put into animals and how it was affecting us, humans. I was so taken back once I started to see videos and website about how animals were treated just so we could have an in n out burger.. it's dusting and I refused to live a life of carelessness and in the process destroy my health. I can tell you from personal experience that you can easily fall into a very unhealthy vegetarian if your not careful. Just don't go over board with the pasta and breads, there are other options. The small goes for cheese. A lot of people become vegetarian and think ok no meat I'll just drown everything in cheese, NO PLEASE DON'T!! lol Just try to stay in moderation if anything you want to add lots more GREEN to your plate. Also you so get a starter kit from it's very helpful and it's FREE. just go to that website and fill it out! It's super simple and worth it! You can also find great recipes there and on my blog as well. I can tell you that if you are (or were) a big meat eater you have a challenge ahead of you BUT don't give up or give in. Don't put yourself in the situations to feel weak and you will do fine, after a while you don't even want it and the more you read and educate your self the more you will be disgusted by it. I encourage you to step out your box and try all new veggies and recipes you never have before. The best thing about being vegetarian is being creative when it comes to eating. Also make sure you get your protein substitutes in, I love beans, all beans, I don't think a day goes by that I don't include them in a meal. They are so good for you and have lots of protein! :) I wish you all the luck on your journey and don't ever feel like you need to explain yourself and what you eat, being HEALTHY is a personal choice! I'm proud of you and I'm proud to be a veggie friend, here for you any time!

Hope this helps and I hope my blog continue to help and support you are your journey to better health and a greener lifestyle! Please everyone keep the questions and comments coming and lastely I challege my non-veggie readers to,
Pledge to Be Vegan for 30 Days via

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Anonymous said...

You really have made me think numerous times about going veggie. hmmmm I shall keep you posted :)

Jennifer said...

couldn't have guessed you were a veggie, how cool!! :) wish I could eat more green, but I just love chicken too much, I know how ever that animals don't get that well treated in the US. maybe it's just a rumor? But my BF doesn't eat cow meat when he's home in US, but he can eat it here in Sweden, maybe we have better meat quality? idk.
well I admire you A LOT dear for being a vegetarian. :)

gor(jess). said...

you helped me sooo much ; i have a touch screen phone so i suck at responding thru that crap. getting my blackberry tommorow though hopefully lol but i wanted to thank you - i went to && signed up to do it for 30days && hopefully it just gets even easier after. i am excited to try it out and see the change it makes in my life. beans will be my go to loll ; i went to the supermarket once i read ur email and got a lot of fruits & veggies ! i also found a vegan section in the frozen food section like the microwavable TV dinners lol but vegan. Lol. Soo yeah i stoc ked up on alot of juices that are 100 percent veggie or fruits too...i think ill do quite fine with it all. I will keep u updated for sure :) i gotta find some vegan friendly restuarants out here in NY. Lol. thankyou sooooooooo much hun :)

Anonymous said...

wow. your making want to be vegan too. this is inspiration!