Monday, April 26, 2010

and then he kissed me

i'm in love with my 365..

 4/23 - do I have to remind you why I love him, unexpected roses..
4/24 - boys will be boys, morning mud pie session for two

4/25 - little diva with the dimples♥

follow along,

6 love notes:

Elizabeth said...

it's coming along great! great job!!! and your hubby is too sweet :)

Retromus-ik said...

aww little diva is adorable!

BBM said...

hey love! first of all --- he is ADORABLE.

and second, i wanted to say ... how CUTE is ure blog? im so glad i found it though Jasifers ... i LOVE it and cant wait to catch up on ure posts! take care sweetie!

love and blessings,

BBM said...

me again love ... i cant seem to find ure email address ... i wanted to ask u something ... can u please email me when u get a chance?

bigbeautyfulmess at g mail dot com

thanks so much! xoxo!


oh my gosh.. look at them dimples~!!!!

Emma Jade said...

MUDPIES!! I miss making mudpies, once i made one that looked so good my friend ate it.. that was a nice afternoon in the hospital! haha