Friday, April 16, 2010

3 Years Ago, Today

Remembering April 16, 2007, Virginia Tech. Please take a moment to appreciate your life and remember those which were cut short. Life is so precious, love each other and please pray for the families and friends that lost someone 3 years ago today! ♥ I love you Ju! - my current face book status

4 love notes:

chelsea rebecca said...

that was so terribly sad.
but i'm glad you posted this as a reminder for all the wonderful people we lost.
we will not forget.

Miss.Fortune said...

i love and respect you for many reasons..this being one of them.!

Elizabeth said...

may they rest in peace.

Lizzy said...

Wow, can you believe it's been 3 years already?

My heart goes out to the families & friends of the victims.