Thursday, April 29, 2010

27 Dresses Challenge - Day6

Just like the The Pale and Pallor Princess said, "It's a no pants party!" don't be so lame not to join in, it's not to late, JasiferlionsClub has all the details and best dresses around!! Today is, all black everything inspired by the one and only Jay-Z!! You can no go wrong with black and throw in some leopard and now we're talking!! This is actually one of my favorite dresses it's uber comfortable and just makes me feel good! Can I just say I'm so glad tomorrow is FRIDAY, thank you lord for small favors :)

(and please excuses the mess behind me :\ but at least you get a taste of my cute thrift couch and Anna's couch cover! Thank heaven for classic vintage prints!)

Happy Almost Thursday!

5 love notes:

Briana said...

LOVE THIS!!! So cute and it does look super comfy which is great! love youuuu :)

love, keys said...

this is by far my FAVE!
i love it!

BBM said...

shut. it. down. lala!!! sheesh girl .. can u say hotnesss?!?!


Elizabeth said...

this definitely has to be my favorite too. i love black :)

Miss.Fortune said...