Monday, April 26, 2010

27 Dresses Challenge - Day1

So I started my 27 Dresses Challenge on Saturday, I was excited and I actually used my dress for a day and NIGHT outfit, I didn't take pictures of the first look (day time) but I can tell you it was minus leggings and with pink flip flops and a cupcake necklace chain! Aaron and I decided to have a date-night and went out dancing, I love this dress so much I didn't want to change so I just dressed it up in what you see here, added black leggings, high-heel boots, gold heart chain, vintage gold flower ring, gold 80's clip-on earrings, and a hat (which I forgot to put on in these photos but you will see in others of me and Aaron and my sister) Also I just added dark make-up and ta-da a night look :)

Aaron took these photos, when I explained to him the challege he laughed and said, "you are too cute, always doing something" and said he would take the photos for me, but as much as I love that man he is NO PHOTOGRAPH lol Matthew and Mara from M Loves M has us beat when it comes to couple picture takers lol Matthew (Mara's Boyfriend) takes all the photos of her in her lookbook and he does an amazing job :) **a little jealous he may need to give Aaron some lesson lol :) Any how he did his best and I love theme just as much cause he was the person behind the camera ;)
It's not to late to start your own challenge... jasiferlionsclub for details!

Dress - CitiTrends $9, Black Tights - Thrift $1, Black Boots - Charlotte Russe $25, Ring - Forever 21 $3, Chain - Citi Wear $4

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Briana said...

I LOVE THIS! soooo cute!! & He did a pretty good job with the pictures :) hehe

Emma Jade said...

you look so cute!
The dress is gorgeous :)

Elizabeth said...

i really love these kinds of dresses! too cute.

Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh, you look stunning! :D

love, keys said...

its so cute!
i love the necklace AND arron did well! lol i like the angles!

Kara said...

That outfit is positively adorable!!! I can't get over how cute it is.

Jayka said...

that style of dresses is my favorite, so comfortable. you look smokin' ;)

very pretty!