Friday, March 12, 2010

A week of 365

Most of you know that I have a different blog (tumblr) for my 365 project,, so that's why I don't always post them here and of course you can always see them on the sidebar :) But sometimes I'm just really in love with the shots I took that I have to share a the story behind them and post them in two place lol So this week I fell in love...

Monday Night
I always enjoying watching these to play it's like my heart melts every time, after dinner they decided to sing together (that's where the green mic came into play, which turned into a tickle fest like usual. I love my boys!

Tuesday Night
This is a shot of my 'Tip Jar' at home which I keep on my kitchen counter. I know it sounds odd lol to have a 'Tip Jar' in you home but it's actually a great idea, I made the 'Tip Jar' because I always try to have dinners at my house, being that I'm not the RICHEST person in the world and I am a single mom living alone, it makes it less awkward when my girlfriends come over and want to give $$ for food and such. Also it reminds my BF to leave money to help with bill lol I just think it's smart!

Wednesday Afternoon
I plan on doing a week Juice Fast, this guy here is Carrots and Oranges one of my favorite combos! All gone! 
Thursday Night
Exavier had his very 1st painting session, he loved it!! We did figuring painting as well as painted some of his rocks he collected last Sunday. I will post more pictures! :)

Always my pleasure,

2 love notes:

sheiswinterwest said...

i lvoe the tip jar idea!! i'm gonna make me a tip jar and sit it somewhere in my house.. lol

Miss.Fortune said...

i love this! you put so much thought into your blog and it doesnt go unnoticed