Tuesday, March 30, 2010

ten days

Ten days summed up in 10 photos, a smiple 365 project,

Day 28 all ready for the Farmers Market!!♥

 Day 27 The Last day of Inauguration day #6 of working stright :\

Day 26 Women of Genius♥ Inauguration Weekend..

Day 25 after a long day of work, the only thing I want to do...

Day 24 my bestie left this cute little note on my car window, I found it at the end of the day with a flower attached, that's why I love her so.

Day 23 too much too much, I'm already sick of Inauguration and it's not even here yet..

Day 22 my NEW favorite thing, my food bible seriously go BUY one, it's everything you'll EVER need, no PILLS required!!

Day 21 A girl like me DREAM lol talk about candy heaven, taken on our swap meet date, sadly all of this and I could only eat about three things, everything had milk or jello :P

Day 20 isn't this beautiful!! OMG this is my fav pic Saturday afternoon doesn't get any better...
Day 19 Friday night is movie night, Alice in Wonderland in 3D, it was amazing!!

Always on the go always doing something, a simple 365 project follow me!

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Anonymous said...

awe, this is amazing love! great 365 project. i enjoyed the photos!

Anonymous said...

FIRST...I LOVE THE NEW LAYOUT!! you seriously just inspired me to get moving on vamping up my blog LOL!! I love the 10 days project!! I just saw some of these on your tumblr!!& loveeee the note thats so cute!
here I promote for you:

LOL love youu

Kara said...

Well, hellLOO new layout! Pretty pretty. Glad you guys went to see Alice...we LOVED it. Happy Tuesday!

love, keys said...