Friday, March 05, 2010

Team Self-Love

Welcome Ms. Kimon or bka krazy mad of Shhhh...

Proudly joins Team Self-Love because she is, "Inspired!"

Get to Know Kimone:

* i'm from jamaica, the country not the city
* i am a full time student who is searching for part time work and fl is proving difficult
* i am the simplest person in this world to please; i am not down for the BS so i live my life accordingly
* my fave body parts are my eyes and lips [smile]
* my fave colors are green and pink {complete girl}
* my fave feel good food would have to be veggie baked beans with chicken sausages {weird mix i know but it works}
* i feel the best when wearing nothing at all; especially round the hubbz; clothes can be so uncomfortable. . .it's a tie between that and some open toe heels
* i always paint my nails every week. . .it's something that relaxes me very much idk why
* if you can't love yourself no one will. . .sad but true so fake a smile until you start to love yourself and then when you laugh you'll feel like a million bucks {this is tried and true fact}
* i have started to eat right and i shed almost 20lbs :o lolz. . .i eat in smaller proportions and i eat more veggies and drink more water
* i joined self love because i know how hard it is to love yourself as a person when people start telling not to. . .the mass media does this everyday and i cannot stress enough that it is important to take time out for yourself and observe yourself in the mirror. . .love everything you see and if you don't fix it . . .self love needs to be recognized by women (and men) in order for them to move on. . .i know how hard the struggle is with self hate and i fixed that problem in my life and thanks to it i have a loving fiance =D
* my body image right now could not be better. . .i know i am beautiful because i FINALLY took my own advice last year. . .for women distorted body images, unfortunately, come from mostly the media and the men in their lives. . .once a man says he does not like something about his significant other's body it's all over. . .the woman will do her best to be what the man wants her to be without realizing that a better man would just love her. . .women need to teach themselves to love themselves and teach their sons to be better men, i know you doing a good job ms lala =). ladies just please love yourselves. . .i am not lying when i say everything falls into place after that =). kimone
thank you for the opportunity <3

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It's not to late for YOU to JOIN IN and be a part of Love Your Body Month, give your body the gift of love! JOIN IN!!!

3 love notes:

krazy mad said...

thanks for the love mamita <3
i'm really happy i could contribute to Team Love =D

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Anonymous said...

awe, she's too cool!