Thursday, March 04, 2010

Team Self-Love

First up is Ms. Jasmine Rachelle of

Proudly joins Team Self-Love because her, "Body Rocks!"

Get to Know Jasmine:
age: 20
from: Winterville, NC
what do you do for living: i am a student [web tech major]
Favorite body part: thighs & hips
Favorite feel good food: icecream :)
You feel best when wearing: a nice fitting skirt
Something you do for yourself, everyday (week, or month): i always buy myself something even if its a piece of candy
Favorite self-love quote: "im cute to myself , that all that matters"
What made you join the self love team: i thought that it was a great idea. i need to start treating myself better than i was. & not worry about the parts i think are bad.
What do you do to keep healthy:i try to eat healthy foods. stay away fried foods & sodas
Final Statement about your body, body image, body issues: i always use to complain about how big my eyes were & how i had bushy eyebrows (i know its minor) but it really bothered me. i stopped hating it when i always went out i always got compliments on how pretty my eyes were.
You can Find her at:

It's not to late for YOU to JOIN IN and be a part of Love Your Body Month, give your body the gift of love! JOIN IN!!!

3 love notes:

Jasmine Ra'chelle said...

hey love, sending you an email.

Miss.Fortune said...

congrats jasmine!
im rooting for you both

Elizabeth said...

awe, this is amazing! i love your profile Lala!