Friday, March 26, 2010

Smile Friday

Guilty, Guilty, Guilty, Edition!
Inspired by the beautiful Emma check out her blog, I'm a new follower and she is just amazing!

Guilty Pleasures...
How do you plead....shamelessly!
-eating in bed
-walking bare foot (yes even outside)
-iCarly !! haha don't laugh and pretty much all Nick 'teen' shows lmao

-H E L L O KITTY *obsessed like a 7yo*
-cheesy infomercials (Seriously I have to hide the phone, it's a problem.)
-Cleaning in my Underwear (& yes barefoot haha)

-Jerry, Jerry, Jerry.. yes sadly I'm a Jerry Spring watcher hahaha
-LYRICS, I must know the EXACT lyrics to over 1000 songs, it's scary if I could only put that much effort into something useful lmao
-eating pickles and OJ --& dipping the pickle in the orange juice-- lmao it's really good, don't judge me hahaha
-calling mostly everyone love or babe (that's one reason why people call me a grandma lmao)
-browsing T U M B L R
-singing (and mostly BADLY) L O U D L Y in my car
-really bad, cheesy 80's music, it puts me in the BEST MOOD!
Now I told you mine, tell me yours, what are you guilty of and as ALWAYS SMILE IT'S FRIDAY!!!

8 love notes:

A.R. said...

cute pic. <3

-Domanek. said...

Funny Guilty Pleasures , Haha .
- Banging Blog :)

Emma Jade said...

YAY! thank you honey :D Love your list! Cleaning in your underwear is kind of liberating but I'm always worried the postman will come :P

Madi Rose said...

i LOVE the picture of you and your man. so cute.
and i was so excited cause i love iCarly and tumblr. and 80's music haha.
i think one of my guilty pleasures is.. layin around doin nothin. hahaha does that count? i love just laying down and watchin tv or reading foreverr.

Madi Rose said...

OH and another one is i constantly change my hair color/cut.

TreenBean. said...

Cheesy 80s Music, FTW.!
Also, Cleaning In UnderWear- I Do That Too.
:- ]]

Elizabeth said...

this post is amazing. i'm sorry i've been gone. i've been missing out on so much! the first photo is AMAZING!

Jayka said...

FANTASTIC! I want to do this too... lol.

and the walking bare foot EVERYWHERE is soooo me too!