Friday, March 12, 2010


Five things I am sensing edition.
Kindly inspired by, the lovely Rachel of go placidly.

Five things I am sensing right now...

1. Hearing... Beyonce - Halo (live in Vegas).
2. Seeing... photos of my loves on my work desk.
3. Smelling... mint.
4. Tasting... water.
5. Feeling... exhausted! Day two of this fast is kicking my butt!

So Tell me what are you sensing, right now....

Happy Friday Loves and Lovers

3 love notes:

Anonymous said...

Ahhh I love this post!! Here's me:

1. Hearing...No Love by Little Dragon
2. Seeing...My hard work finally paying off :)
3. Smelling...My new mint shampoo
4. Tasting...English Breakfast tea with soy milk and honey
5. Feeling...Motivated, inspired and blessed

Anonymous said...

This was so cute! Let me try.. :)
1. Hearing... my television on commercials.. LOL
2. Seeing... your beautiful face on your blog :)
3. Smelling... my grilled chicken sandwich LO
4. Tasting... Sprite
5. Feeling... Tired from my long night last night!

Miss.Fortune said...

smelling mint is sooo refreshing!

hearing... my television (espn)

seeing.. this computer screen (you touching your boyfriends face =) )

smelling.. this mint moisturizer i just put on my face

tasting..kool-aid (lol)

feeling.. tired but pushing myself to do what i set my mind to do tonight!