Wednesday, March 10, 2010

LYBM - Honesty Policy - Day10

 "Eighty seven per cent of women in a healthy weight range wish they weighed less. It’s time to stop chasing the unrealistic ideals and start getting healthy.

We’re sick of the word “diet”. Why? Because it’s overused. There are so many different theories and explanations out there about what we should be putting in our mouths and doing to our bodies to make them “perfect”. Here’s a thought, though. One that’s sure to turn all those diet gurus on their head.

Perfect doesn’t exist. You see, every woman has various factors contributing to what makes her her when it comes to body. These include the obvious ones, such as genetics, height and metabolism. Personality comes into it, too – whether or not you’re a “sporty person” and how difficult or easy it is to summon up motivation.

Then there’s also the lifestyle hurdles, like socialising and work, that affect your attempts at eating well and working out. We’re not making excuses, but we are saying it’s time to get real about our bodies. It’s time to banish the angst, silence the demons, and start focusing on Body Honesty".

Day 10: I came across the Cleo web site when I was hunting down some good facts for Day 10. This site hosted a 'Body Honesty' Campaign back in 2008, just had some really good info and idea on body image and loving yourself as is and just accepting and appreciating what you got! I really loved what this Body Honesty stood for so I will be pushing the Body Honesty statement and pledge for Day 10 of Love Your Body Month Fall in line and opening you mind, doing this will be the best thing you ever done! So here we go....


Body Honesty is about taking a step back and looking at all of this through unbiased eyes. For a second, forget the celebrity images, and even stop comparing yourself to your friends or that girl you see on the bus every morning. Think about your height, your bust, your bum. (Are you naturally tall? Do you have A cups? Is voluptuous a word used to describe you? Are you still shopping in the kids department?)

Be honest with yourself about what nature gave you. Now, take a second to embrace it. Remember that we are all one of a kind.

Ask yourself, are you happy with how you look? It’s okay to answer “yes”. And it’s also okay to have a few things you’d like to improve – as long as they are achievable. Because setting unrealistic fitness goals is just going to see you feeling guilty and like a failure. Stop listening to the demons in your head. Don’t let body angst take over.

Change your focus. Eating well and working out shouldn’t be about losing weight. The No. 1 goal should be making yourself feel great. Benefits like great skin, less stress, more energy and fewer ailments are the focus here. Because you know what? When those all fall into line, then looking great just happens.

Repeat this mantra. “I am going to do things because they are good for me and because they make me feel great. I’m going to stop obsessing about my body. I’m going to start paying attention to myself. I’m going to get real about what my ideal body is. I’m going to make a plan that suits my lifestyle and isn’t a chore that will make me find and keep my ‘happy weight’.”

Make some promises to yourself as part of your Body Honesty pledge: (examples)

♥ Take some time to think about what’s realistic for you.
♥ Aim for at least half an hour a few days a week or every couple of days.
♥ Sign up to a weekly class or sports team for one night’s regular exercise.
♥ Eat half a plate of vegetables (or salad) with each meal.
♥ Make drinking water throughout the day second nature.
♥ Stop smoking!
♥ Find an exercise buddy – a friend, sibling or boyfriend who you can go for walks with and motivate each other.
♥ Spend at least half an hour a day as “me” time. Read a book, schedule a massage, pedi or mani or just take a bath.

So here is your assignment and quite a challenge this will be make a plan, make some promises, apply change! You can share this in a blog post if you choose to but the most important part is that you DO IT and DO IT for YOU! Say, yell, scream, sing the 'mantra', print it out and hang it, it's a wonderful thing to have as a reminder that YOU ARE going to do this!! HAPPY THOUGHTS and BETTER THINKING is HALF the work, I promise. I will be sharing my list, promises, and plan. Stay tune, I hope you will join in.

For more information about The Honesty Policy - Follow this LINK

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i absolutely love reading about the love your body posts!!! you are very inspiring person :D

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this is seriously so inspiring.
i love love love reading these post! way to go!!
and p.s. this is one of my favorite articles that scarlett johanson wrote.
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