Friday, March 26, 2010

LYBM Day 26, wear it

 a couple of weeks ago I was so excited when I found this t-shirt that reads:
LOVE, LOVED, LOVING, LOVE YOURSELF I had to have it (and it was only $3) :) Needless to day it was perfect way to bring my LOVE YOUR BODY MONTH to an end, yes end :\ but I will remain to have body and self love post since I have ALWAYS had them. I would like to say THANK YOU to all my readers for being so supporting and loving. A special THANK YOU to my TEAM MEMBERS; Jasmine Rachelle, Kim, Jayka, and Treen Bean. Thank you ladies so much for having the courage and LOVE IN YOURSELF to join and be a part of something HUGE (at least to me) :) I hope you learned something about yourself and gain even more LOVE for your body and who you are as a person!!! Please send me and email ( with your address as I will be sending you a LOVELY gift for joining my FIRST LOVE YOUR BODY MONTH. I was going to do a raffle but since I only got 4 beautiful and lovely member I will be sending you each something very special! :D I would still love to see the end of your post-it walls or mirrors, a body story, and final statement of what you got out of this. :D I love all four of you and I'm so blessed to have met (cyberspace so far) each of you! Please keep up with self love and pass it on! Without further due here is MY profile and NEW Tee! Thanks again everyone♥
Name: Adela but I go by lala

Age: twenty-four

Where are you from: Paramount, CA - Currently in Rialto

What do you do for living: I'm Admin Assistant for an all Woman's College!

Something you want the world to know about you: I'm stronger than I look, I have a story to tell and I can't wait for the world to hear it.

Favorite body part: My LEGS/THIGHS believe it or not lol my thighs are thick and that's ok with me I absolutely LOVE them I think they are beautiful, I think they are sexy and I love the way they look in tights! ha My legs are what keeps me grounded!!

Favorite color: Pink (can you believe it?!?) lol for anyone who is a long time reader of my blog you'll remember my struggle with pink, I've come home again ;)

If it weren't for my son I wouldn't be alive.

Favorite feel good food: Vegan Chili my heaven!

You feel best when wearing: my undies and t-shirt!

Something you do for yourself, everyday (week, or month): After reading this question, I realized, I do A LOT for myself, 'go me' lol I guess you really DO have to practice what you preach lol You see guys I'm being REAL!! So I juice fast every month (I try to), I DON'T EAT MEAT, I take long walks (daily, I try), I paint my nails and toes, take LONG HOT HOT showers at the end of the day and lotion up my skin every night :D

I look in the mirror and say/think, "you are already, beautiful!"

Favorite self-love quote: “You can explore the universe looking for somebody who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and you will not find that person anywhere.”

What do you do to keep healthy: I don't eat MEAT, I've gone VEGAN, I take walks and jog in the morning. Eat lots of Veggies and Juice at least once a month for a week. :D

What keeps you motivated: My son, my boyfriend, and life. I want to grow old with that man I love him and want to have a healthy life style that my son can one day follow. I want to live to see my son graduate and find his soulmate and give me grandchildren. Life it self is worth it all to keep living it is a gift!

I feel better when, I take time for me, if it's just a walk or painting my toes having personal time is everything to me. It makes time with others so much more pleasant!

What made you join start the self love team: When I started love your body month on my blog I felt I truly needed a support system to keep motivated and also wanted to reach more people, seeing myself is one thing seeing others also have the courage to do it I'm sure would and has given others much empowerment! (at least I hope) My goal was just to touch someone even if just ONE that's all that matters. Everyone is beautiful people need to know that!

Final Statement about your body, body image, body issues: Life is to Short to be hang up on IMAGE we have to know we are more then just our bodies it's not always about size but it should always be about health, we only have ONE body we should treat it right! Never wish you were someone else, all those positions are currently filled, all you can be is you but what you can change is making you the BEST you possible! I encourage everyone to love yourself a little more and just let go of those "i wish" and "wants" of having a specific body everyone is different and let me remind you, people like - Kim Kardashian, Sandra Bullock, Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Elizabeth Hurley, and Uma Thurman HAVE ALL BEEN CHEATED ON!!! None of the superficaial stuff matters in the end, you are who you are so might as well love, enjoy, and BE just that! love yourself more!
Thank you ALL for being a part of this and letting me be ME!

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chelsea rebecca said...

i mean could this post be any more inspiring?? i wanna print out that final statement and put it on my mirror!! LYBM was so wonderful and i loved reading every post!

rachel said...

I love this post! The whole series has been so inspiring and awesome, thankyou for running it - it has been SO GOOD to see.
Happy weekending! xxx

Skezerrrr said...

such a great post!

Thyda said...

Wow... what a beautiful and inspirational post. Now, you make me feel guilty or foolish for my last post. Let me learn from you. Keep doing what you do because you are right... you ARE beautiful. Thanks for the reminder and inspiration... you just started my weekend off beautifully! I am going to repost/link to this because I love it that much! :)

Cat said...

What a great blog! You are such a beautiful and inspirational person! I love that shirt and reading more about you :) Have a fabulous weekend!


Briana said...

You did a great job with the LYBM!! Im so proud of you!! & your shirt is SO fitting for this! Keep inspiring others it comes so naturally for you my love :)

Jasmine Ra'chelle said...

i love you chick ! you're the greatest. i will be posting my final "remarks" soon.:)

Kara said...

In love with your new shirt! How cute is that?! Congrats on a happy month :)

Madi Rose said...

i love the shirt! it fits so perfectly!

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

cute t-shirt, great post!

TreenBean. said...

I got such a kick out of you saying your legs are what keeps you grounded.! Haha.
By gravity, this is true, of course. But I like the quiet genius of that statement- if that makes ANY sense whatsoever. Haha.
I am genuinely so happy that I came across your blog and Im so excited to get to know you more. The type of person that you are is the type of person that everyone in the world would benefit from knowing, if even for a small portion of their lives. Youre just beautiful- inside and out.
Thank you for allowing me to be apart of this great journey of yours. What a great way to start 2010.!
:- ]]

Miss.Fortune said...

you are my favorite blog!!!
i loved this. along with the love your body month. that was very aspiring for women. we tend to put ourselves down and neglect our body but you gave women hope and courage to love themselves.
your the shit..and i wont excuse my language cuz i meant that! lol.. not the stinky shit though..
neways keep these post coming! and that shirt was beautiful. i am working on a tshirt line and that gave me an idea

Little Miss Knobody said...

Work the clevage LaLa! I really do enjoy your blog and when you stop over to mine. I actually used to go to an all women's college so I know how difficult dealing with so many ladies can be. Props to you for that! I love how your readers are so fortunate to have insights into your life. Keep up the good work!

Jayka said...

this has been so much fun, I only wish I had more time to do the posts "on time".

thank you so much for sharing with everyone, and for inspiring us to join you on this beautiful project!

chelsea rebecca said...

WOAAAAH LOVE the new blog look lady!! so adorable!

love, keys said...

cleeeeevage! haha you're such a hottie :)!
i love being in jsut my undies and tshirt. its my fave too!