Monday, March 15, 2010

LYBM Day 13 & 14

Day 13: Taking Back your Body! one word, thought, and action at a time!
Since the start of my Love your Body Month post I've talked about how thinking really does effect how we life and how we see our self. In say 13 I want to put those things into action. So here is your challenge readers. Make a commitment to yourself Today for a week (or longer if you want) to ++ADD and -take-away some things!

For a Week I lala will -take-away- the following from my life, for the better!
-"fat talk"
-worrying (that's going to be a challenge)
-"I can't" statements (and thinking)

For a Week I lala will A.D.D the following to my life, for the better!
+be more a.c.t.i.v.e
+kinds words (to myself)
+"I can" statements (and thoughts)

In a week follow-up and share how your life changed or didn't changed when + and - some things in your life! :) Good Luck! <3

Day 14: Fake it till you make it
I like to say, "ain't no shame in my game" or at least say it till I mean that lol I'm sure a lot of you can relate to this. The "embarrassing" things about our self, bodies that we wont speak of. We rather over look that question or even lie. That's ok, we are human but it's time we let some of that goes because really you can't love yourself and be ashamed at the same time!! Let's get real with some "I would Never" statements, followed by I can now or I still wont.

Here goes nothin'...

a. I would never.. have sex with the light on -- I love having sex with the lights on and completely nude heehee

b. I would never.. tell my 'real' weight -- I still don't(work in progress lol)

c. I would never..share my size --Now I say it proud, I was an 18 now I'm a 16 and going down!!!

d. I would never..(hardly ever) wear short tank tops --I do sometimes, mostly in my home, still a work in progress!

e. I would never..wear my swim suit without a t-shirt over --this pass summer, I took it OFF!!

f. I would never..(or would and hate it) take pictures with thin people -- lmao I know it sounds crazy but it always made me feel so uncomfortable and bad about myself. Now it doesn't bug me at all, everyone has "bad pics" but for the most part I really am ok with what I look like and for the things I'm not ok with, I'm working on but mean while I'm find with taking pictures!

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Amy Renee said...

This is good stuff! I need to apply some of this. Losing weight is so rewarding, and it doesn't have to be about others. It can just be because it makes YOU feel better. Congrats on dropping to a 16! Before you know it you will be where you want to be. I have never had a quirk with sharing my weight. It's just a number. People can look at me and see that I am not at my ideal weight. I'd rather them know the real number than try to guess at it. Keep it up. This is so encouraging.