Friday, March 12, 2010

LYBM Day 12

Moving right along to day 12, Sometimes we forget just how strong we are or how well we can handle things. Today I want to give us all a REMINDER of who and what we are. So day 12 we will make a couple of list, so pick away the make-up, push-up bras, high heels, we need to look beyond the OUTSIDE and appreance and actually reflect on who we are as a person. I've once heard, the most beautiful women can still be the ugliest...

list a: tell me yourself 5 things you are made up of...
I am LaLa and I'm made up of..
1. laughter
2. a giving heart
3. creativity
4. unconditional love
5. strength, courage, & wisdom (is that cheating lol)

list b: what keeps you going?
I am LaLa and this is what keeps me going...
1. Exavier
2. love
3. good food
4. the sound of good music
5. my soon to be partner in life
6. the spirit of my mother
7. sunny days
8. and the smell of jasmine

list c: tell me yourself who you are.
I am...
1. women 2. mother 3. lover 4. fighter 5. peacemaker 6. friend 7. vegan 8. blogger
9. Native American 10. R&B fanatic

3 love notes:

TreenBean. said...

Ill totally be doing this on my blog :- ]]
Also, I think the "Love Your Body" movement is amazing. Not enough women have the balls to "go there" when it comes to their body and image.
I respect that.

Briana said...

Your amazing :) I feel like I say that about you everyday <3

Miss.Fortune said...

i respect you so much!