Friday, March 12, 2010

LYBM - Day 10 PART 2

On DAY 10 we talked about the 'Honesty Policy' and making some plans and promises to our self. Well this is part two to that post, what my plan of action is. The following is now posting in my bathroom, where I can see it Every Day!

Self Promises:
♥ To Stay healthy
♥ To Make me happy!
♥ Stay VEGAN
♥ Daily exercise
♥ Take me time
♥ work on eating smaller portions
♥ stop using 'bad words' (stress - busy - hate - tired - I can't)

My Plan:
Wake up 5am, morning Ipod Jog, smoothies for breakfast - must take vitamins! Shower/Ex/Off to work -- s m i l e be h a p p y Make it a GOOD day! Be sure to TAKE a lunch (l e a v e your DESK!!) -- Ex/ home - before dinner walk w/Ex -- Make a healthy light dinner // BED **early**

I also made a not to myself saying that if I miss a day DON'T give up, just lots of positive things and lots of color! :)

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Anonymous said...

Very good plan! I want to do the same, stop using "bad" words! If you can go a whole day without using a negative work, it makes you feel so much better!

Miss.Fortune said...

guess what..i actually made one of these. i kept remembering when you said post its..but i got paper and tape and wrote out some goals for me and taped it to my mirror. i also did one for my boyfriend and taped it to our bathroom mirror as well. now im wide awake at 11:35pm attempting to do one of the goals on my list. =) thank you boo..

love, keys said...

aw babe <3
you amaze me!

chelsea rebecca said...

okay once i drank super healthy smoothies every morning for breakfast for about 2 weeks and i just felt SO incredible!! sadly my blender broke so the ended the smoothie phase but i couldn't believe how much better i felt!!
keep up the most wonderful work!!

Anonymous said...

that's amazing. i love how you have so much positivity and energy! you are amazing :)