Tuesday, March 09, 2010

LYBM - Day 09

It's day nine and time to shine!!
Tonight's assignment, your favorite feel good, body song you know what I mean that song you put on when your alone and just dance or sing. Or maybe the song that can always cheer you up or inspire your soul to keep going. The song that motivates you with it's lyrics, FEEL GOOD MUSIC. Let's hear it!!

Blogger's Choice: P!nk - Stupid Girl
now come on, turn those speakers UP and hit P L A Y ... tell me this doesn't make you feel good??!?

i love pink!

3 love notes:

chelsea rebecca said...

i remember when it first came out and it was so powerful and i would sing it and feel like a rockstar!

rachel said...

pink is awesome for love-your-body/feel-good songs...i remember adoring "don't let me get me" when it came out. wow that was a long time ago.

Charles said...

You stay switching up the layout...and I keep on loving it. Good luck with the Love Yourself movement you got going on...definitely great stuff.