Tuesday, March 30, 2010

lunch & dinner

Bare with me while I try to catch my blog up to date on a lot of FUN daily and weekend events! :) I've been really behind, today I am attempting to bring it all to life, so enjoy a massive load of post lol.

To start, about a week or so ago my bestie took me to a Delicious Vegan restaurant that I FELL completely in love with!! So much that we went two days in a row lol the second time we took Aaron and Ex...

This place is amazing and I truly recommend it, it's called Loving Hut and everything is VEGAN and oh so tasty, check out there web site,here to find a location near you. If you do check it out let me know. Ex and double A really LOVED it! Also the inside is decorated so nicely and inspiring there are vegan quotes and inspiring message everywhere as well as a wall with lots of famous vegans and vegetarians. It's all together an awesome place to be♥

For dinner we decided to give Exavier an extra treat so we took him to his favorite place,
Where we got VEGAN pizza :) no CHEESE no MEAT!! Just sauce and veggies!! See despite what people think it's not HARD to live as a vegan it just makes for a more conscious effort at everything we put in our mouths but in return it's a great thing!! We had so much fun at CEC Exavier had tons of fun singing and dancing in front of the blue screen, winning tickets, going down the slide, and playing all the games. It was the perfect afternoon topped off by the perfect night! Please enjoy the video below :D And as always you can find more and all pictures on my facebook, so face me!


4 love notes:

Thyda said...

Awww... I love Chuck E Cheese's! I miss that place... and my nieces and nephews!

love, keys said...

im going to chuck e cheese ASAP! i love that place!
veggie pizzza sounds so good and looks good but no cheese omg.. i love cheese :(
EX is so cute!

Briana said...

oh man. Chuck e cheese used to be my WORLD. they have the BEST pizza LOL! but that darn mouse always scared me :/

Elizabeth said...

looks like ya had a lot of fun! bee and i love going to chuck e cheese!