Saturday, March 06, 2010

lucky me

On Wedesday Night I received a lovely surpise! My Winnings form Elizabeth's Give Away on Simply Bee. I was so happy to get these lovely things:

they are so beautiful and I plan on wearing them tonight for my "self-love" Vegan Dinner party! I love them Thank you so much Elizabeth and Bee for these and the sweet note!
Lastly and most importantly I would like to say congratulations to Elizabeth on her exciting news that she is having baby #2, I'm so excited for you girl and I'm happy that Bee is gonna be a big sister, how adorable! I told Liz we could of been preggy at the same time but no such luck lol. I can't wait to start seeing that tummy grow! YAY. I wish you all the best! ♥
Simply Bee

4 love notes:

Briana said...

Aww they look so nice on you!! & Im so happy for Elizabeth!! I also cant wait to see the tummy as it grows haha

Miss.Fortune said...

congrats to elizabeth!

and thenecklace and earrings..that was nice!

Elizabeth said...

thanks love! i cannot express the joy i get when i come to your blog. you make me happy :)

glad you enjoyed the earrings! they look beautiful on you ;)

Darling Nikky said...

oooh gurrll! u lookin all sexayy!