Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Love Your Body!

So most of you already know that I work for an all woman's college, well this week is Love Your Body week every year they have some amazing sessions, activities, and support for this special week. I just love it. I've decided to pass on this self-love to all my readers, so I'm declaring this Love your Body Month on Simplest form of an Elle I've come up with some really cool things and I hope you all will join in and participate! You guys already know how big I am on happiness and well living, I'm also huge on self-love and women empowerment! So this is huge for me and I hope you all actually do take from it even if you don't participate that you learn something new and find even more love for who you are, already.

Love Your Body Mission
“Instead of thinking about what you're missing, try thinking about what you have that everyone else is missing.”

Day 1 and 2!
1. Have a self love photo shoot♥ focus on the things you love and the things that are not so much your favorite, just embrace it all If you are brave enough (or rather in love enough) POST IT, on your blog along with 5 things you love about you body (inside and out). If you rather keep it personal that's fine too, I suggest printing the photos out and your list of 5 things and posting it somewhere in your home or room.

Five Things I love about my Body
1. imy thighs 2. imy skin color 3. imy heart 4.imy lips 5.imy laugh

2. Post it, yourself! It's common knowledge that, 'we are, our own worst enemy' we don't nearly say enough nice, good, and positive things to our self. Well that changes today. Action Plan: Everyday for 31 days (all of March) you will write yourself a post it, a positive, a nice, encouraging message and post it somewhere you will see it everyday, I'm posting mine on my bathroom mirror. It can be as simple as "I love my eyes" or "you are a wonderful person" whatever you like, everyday a different message. The more you write it and read it, the more you remember and believe it!
So what are you waiting for? Get to work, work on you, loving you, appreciating you!

Please join in! If you have any ideas or suggestions please let me know, (adelamavila@gmail.com). Also if you plan on joining in please comment this post with your Name, blog, email, & link for a photo) I plan on making something real special and also those who join in will be part of a special give away at the end of the 31 days!

“To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance”

11 love notes:

Eden said...

this is so amazing. you are so inspiring. everyone should love their body! we are all unique and amazing. :)

Jayka said...

awesome :) ur so beautiful!

Jasmine Nicole said...

I hate my body

xoxoKrysten said...

That's absolutely inspiring, what an awesome idea!

Anonymous said...

This is exactly why I love and respect you so much. You inspire others in the greatest way! Your absolutely amazing and so beautiful, inside and out

Miss.Fortune said...

ive done something similar to this but lost focus (writing and posting on the mirror)

i love the fact that you are a self motivator and you empower others especially women because society doesnt often paint a pretty picture.

its great to know that women still stick together. thats the message i try to give out. if we all stuck together.imagine the greatness we could achieve

xxxx said...

im going to try this.. i love the idea and im going to post it on my blog to get others involved.. spread the love

Anonymous said...

aw i LOVE this!
also thanks for linking my blog :)

KEYS said...

i LOVE the picture collage thing.. LOVE
you go curve, you are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

i love the picture collage too and i love your confidence!!!

sheiswinterwest said...

you so freakin inspiring!!
i love this!