Friday, March 05, 2010

Love your Body Day Five

We have reached Day 5! & I'm feeling great, what about you? I'm still in need of more TEAM MEMBERS so don't be shy, show your BODY some LOVE!

Post Five --
Give me yourself 7 'my body is' statements.

1. My body is my temple
2. My body is a wonderland
3. My body is *his
4. My body is BeAuTiFuL♥
5. My body is brick house
6. My body is my core
7. My body is sexy

What is your Body?

It's not to late to join in!
Give your body some love this weekend, treat it right and it will be good to you! ox

5 love notes:

KEYS said...


Jayka said...

okay i wanna join you on this but i dont know how, lol. what do i do?

Miss.Fortune said...

did he read this
i bet 'my body is *his'
turned him on a little haha

Elizabeth said...

too cool. i would join but...

Darling Nikky said...

im down what are the rules??