Friday, March 05, 2010

less then 30 days...

Lent is going so well and I'm seriously considering staying a vegan, my body has really taken a likely to this like style and I just feel better, no lie. I feel like I did when I made the transformation for Meat eater to VEGETARIAN! But so much better! It's truly amazing, I have more energy, my skin is glowing, and my spirit stays lifted! I've done lent for as long as I could remember and this by FAR is the easiest one! Don't get me wrong it is a challenge learning the right way to be vegan but once you have it down it's cake! If your a cheese & sweets person like me that's where my struggled laid but thanks to the help of my BFF and sister at heart JuJu she blessed me with the tricks to being a vegan and believe me vegan cupcakes and vegan cheese are just as fulfilling then the real thing! You know Lent is going well when your not even counting the days. But I am excited about Easter I've already started getting things for Exavier basket, the theme for this year is Spider man and of course traditional rabbit stuff too. I got some really cute stuff I have to take some pictures and post! I also have so really cool craft ideas that I'm going to start with him! Just wanted to give a lent update and share the greatness of being a vegan! I really push you to give it a try!

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krazy mad said...

i want to be a vegetarian too but when i tried the switch i didn't do it properly and kept passing out
i think i may stay eating meat but i'm not sure yet. i'm glad that the vegan-ness is going well =)
and that easter idea sounds like so much fun


Miss.Fortune said...

im happy for you!
you have me maybe considering to try this for a wk or 2 just to see what its like.

Anonymous said...

Thats so good that your happy and enjoying it! Stick to it! I just may have to try it out one day!

KEYS said...

oh i love easter time
especially when i'm living in a jamaican house hold cause for the whole easter all they eat is fish.. bun & cheese.. YUM!

and glowing is the best part mama <3

Anonymous said...

i'm glad your sticking to it. it takes a lot of strength and courage! and that you've got :)