Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Join In

Day 3 of Love your Body Month

First and foremost I would like to THANK you all for the sweet and encouraging comments on the my 1st Love your Body post. I hope you all plan on reaching out on your own personal blogs in this effort to get the word out about self-love and body love I hope somewhere in the 31 days you patient in my activities! I look forward to the feedback and working with any of you that are interested! Please let me know when you if and when you do so I can feature you on my blog! :)

Day three: This activity is about reflecting on the "good" and why sharing the reason why you appreciate your body and all it does for you on a daily basis. Simple enough let's get started! -- All you have to do is filler in. Be Honest. Be true.

I love my ______________ because____________________.

give me give yourself 7 things you love about yourself/body and WHY

1. i love my feet because they keep my grounded I can get around, they carry all my weight, and they are cute. Feet you never let me down!

2. i love my shoulders because they bare my soul, they are feminine, move so smoothly, and are such a great dance tool! :)

3. i love my mouth because it allows me speak my mind, have a voice, sing along to my favorite songs, laugh, scream, and tell *him, i love you.

4. i love my eyes because of their shape and color, they allow me to see the most beautiful things everyday, lovely colors, happy faces, and extraordinary places!

5. i love my heart because of the goodness it spreads, the beats it gives, the blood it pumps, and all the love it holds!

6. i love my body frame because there is not one quite like mine and it fits *his perfectly, just like a glove!♥

7. i love my BODY because it was able to carry my child for nine months, provide nutrients and make it possible to delivery and 7lb 14oz health boy!

It's not to late to JOIN IN! Start or 1 or start at 3 just get into it and let your body feel loved! Again if you want join in and/or you post and share please let me know so I can feature you and put you in the special drawing at the end of the month for a great give away!!!

Show your support, Show your love

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8 love notes:

Jasmine Ra'chelle said...

im going to join in. im behind but ill post tomorrow !! :) such a wonderful idea.

Joyeful said...

Love this-- you are so right that we don't appreciate our bodies nearly enough. Keep on inspiring, girl!

krazy mad said...

def gonna join the body image month thingy
i just gotta get the time =D

my name is lauren. said...

love this. way to show some body love! you are beautiful girl!

Kara said...

I love these posts you're doing!!! SO inspiring. I worked out tonight and felt so very thankful for my strong legs :) Thank you! Keep this up!!

Elizabeth said...

this is such a great idea! i'm definitely joining :)

***did you receive the earrings?

KEYS said...

i dislike my body haha lol so does it make sense to join? maybe i should to find some acceptance in it.. grr idk. but you are way too cute!

Shadé said...

I would love to do this but I don't feel uncomfortable showing off my body on my blog

Awww man gotta pass on this :(