Friday, March 12, 2010

I can be your sunshine

I was blessed with this award by the beautiful Sylvia of Photography by me. She is amazing and if you don't already follow you should! One of my favorite things about getting an award from a blog friend is the little game to comes along with it and the ability to pass it on to other blog sisters!♥ Since this one didn't have anything attached I'm making one up lol, here we go!

1. Tell us about your favorite sunshine activity
2. pass the award on to some blog sisters♥

I award;
Chelsea-Rebecca, Jayka, Keys, Bri, Elizabeth, Jasmine, Madi Rose, Daja, MC, and Amy.

Happy Friday!

2 love notes:

chelsea rebecca said...

CONGRATS ON YOUR AWARD! you deserve it!
eek! thanks for passing it on to me!!

Anonymous said...

Aww thanks love! I will do this now :-)