Monday, March 01, 2010

Goals *Update*

Is it March 1, already. *bow head in shame* Now this was all about progress and 'we' can't progress without truth, failure, and acknowledgment! So it's been a month since my last Goal Entry. To refresh some minds, I started the Monthly Goal "tag" to inspire myself and others to challenge them self to reach goals on a monthly bases. My first run with this start 02/01 and my two goals were:
#1. Start and complete the 29 day challenge!
#2. Start taking walks after work (at least 3 times a week)

I sadly did not achieve either of my goals, I have no excuse other than life got busy and I got lazy! But I'm so willing to admit that and more forward!! Cause that's what it's all about, if you fall, just get back up! I did start on my 29day challenge I just haven't finished and I never got my walk on :\ But again that's ok because this is a new month and slowly but surely I'm getting it together! ;)

So here we GO! "Rabbit, Rabbit"
March Goals

1. Finish what I started! Meaning I will SUCCESSFULLY start and complete my goals from February and knock um out with a bang! I mean it!! Some finish 29 days (or 27?) and get to moving!

2. Lean to Crochet! Yes I said Crochet! I've actually got a student here who has started teaching me and I've got it pretty much down in one lesson. I've been dying to learn how but I thought it would be too much for me cause I'm super inpatient! lol But I love it! So My goal is to get it down and MAKE SOMETHING! Stay tune ;)

3. Lastly and most importantly is to stay content in myself. I work in an environment full of unhappy people, who complain about everything and are just plain ol' bitter about life! My Goal is to free myself of them and there constant drain on my energy. Just to shrug them off and keep it pushing and no matter how hard they try, don't let them steal my joy!

So Elizabeth, Jasmine, Jessy, Briana, and Madi Rose tell me how your monthly goals went? & I tag you once again to keep to your monthly routine of making news ones or trying to finish your old ones! love.

New Tag:
Keys, MC, Shade, and Britt.

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Elizabeth said...

well my monthly goals went fine, although the one that i had to stick to walking i didn't get done, but i will this month. glad you completed yours!

krazy mad said...

good luck on the goals =D
and your welcome for the link i find your blog quite refreshing

Miss.Fortune said...

the hardest thing to do is seperate yourself from your surroundings but you just might be the encouragement they need to turn their negative thoughts into positive ones..

i wish you the best on your challenge

KEYS said...

i didnt complete mine :( but theres always more time to try lol again lol :(

Briana said...

I didnt complete mine! I started, but no where finished :( LOL!

Shadé said...

I have no idea what I want to do or complete ... hmm