Tuesday, March 02, 2010

February Tape Deck

As I already said February has come and gone and this is basically what I listen to all month long:

♥ Trey Songz - Ready
♥ Mariah Carey - Charm Bracelet
♥ Sade - Soldier of Love
♥Corinne Bailey Rae - The Sea
♥John Legend - Evolver
♥Drake - So Far Gone

I seriously am addicted to Trey Songz right now and I will probably listen to Ready all this month as well! :) I am and will always be a huge Mariah Carey fan, I have all her cds, I just love her, Charm Bracelet is one of my favorites and this month seriously listen to it on repeat while I was cleaning my house, I know Aaron was probably sick of MC lol Her new album is also pretty good and I listen to it a couple times. I originally got the new Sade for Aaron (he loves her) then after hearing him listen to it in the car I instantly fell in love with this album, it's so beautiful! I posted how excited I was about Corinne Bailey's return but I wasn't all the impressed with The Sea, I mean I like it and I listened to it a lot but it didn't out rank her 1st cd in my eyes (ears) But her voice is just so amazing I could listen to her all day everyday, I just love her! Feb was definitely the month of John Legend! lol Not only did I get to see him in concert but I listen to John and a regular basis, I'm obsessed, yes I know! His voice just does something to me haha JL is another person I hold all albums of, I just adore this man and Evolver is one of my FAVORITE cds, EVER! :) Ok now I can't even front, I still love Drake! blah! Yes I know I swore him off after his very WACK live performance where I waited about 3 hours to see him just so he could "perform" for 15mins *smh* but the truth is, even past that I think he is great and I LOVE his music, sucked in again lol What can I say I'm a sucka for a man with lines ;) and he has them! I could listen to this cd until I die, and never get bored lol it's so true! Lastly I must declare B.O.B - Nothin on You song of the Month. I will be seeing this man perform live this Friday, YUP! :) He is the opening act for Lupe on Friday, I'm excited! As you all already know I listen to this song on repeat haha. So that's my February Tape Deck, let March bring some goodness to my ears!
To end the month of John Legend I'll leave you with a video of him live on Valentines day at Fantasy Springs, with me and Aaron in attendance♥ singing my very very very very favorite song off Evolver. I love you, Love. (second song, starts at 0:58)

I love you, Love!

5 love notes:

KEYS said...

OMG i love maraiahs charm bracelet CD i'm gonna have to go find it now!

Miss.Fortune said...

i love your choice of music!
trey is so damn sexy and talented and i love the "nothing on you" by b.o.b my boyfriend always sings it to me! lol

Briana said...

Trey is flippin amazing LOL! And Corrine Bailey Rae is my fav!!! Very good taste in music I love all of the same that you posted! :) hehe

Jasmine Nicole said...

Trey Songz is so friggin awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Kara said...

It is ridiculous how much I LOVE the new Sade album. It's SOOOO GOOODDD.