Saturday, March 06, 2010

Day Six - Part One

It's Day Six and time to show your self some love! The Post assignment for day six will come in two parts! Here is Part ONE, This Saturday treat yourself to something, a bubble bath, a massage, paint your toes, a health meal, a movie, a NAP, it does matter what it is as LONG AS IT MAKES YOU FEELS GOOD AND IS GOOD FOR YOU! I can't stress enough that we don't DO for our self like we should, so here is your day, do it up, little or big just get out or stay in and make you body feel loved!

As you may have guessed, part two will be SHARING what you did, pictures if you would like or just the story and how it made you feel and will you plan to do this in the future. Enjoy yourself, spoil yourself, Love yourself!

& don't forget to keep doing your POST ITS!

As I always say, it's NOT to late to join team "self-love", JOIN IN or email me, with any questions or suggestions! Have a great time! ♥

4 love notes:

AVY said...

Self-love is the best love ♥

sarah ann said...

Day six already? I am sad I have not checked in to see the other assignments. :( I love love love this. Love your body month. We should love our body. That is how God created us. You go girl! :)

Miss.Fortune said...

you are absolutely right..i stress to my friends all the time that no matter what they are doing and no matter how busy there life may seem..take the time out and treat yourself..dont forget that. you deserve it

Elizabeth said...

wow, i'm glad your so up to it. determined you are :)