Monday, March 15, 2010

day dates and night dates too

So I was lucky enough to be blessed with great sister who are incredibly in love with my son, their nephew. Aaron and I were able to have two dates in a row while my son was with his Tias. We seen 3 movies off our movie list!
My weekend in Photographs:

Saturday Aaron and I headed off to the movies, with lots of movies to see off our movie list (speaking of which that would make for a great sidebar lol) So first up we seen 'The Crazies' yea pretty much just the way it sounds... C R A Z Y!! lol I can't lie I was a little scared and freaked out haha Since I don't eat popcorn (butter) or any of the other junk they sell there (minus the skittles :D) I stuffed my bag with yummy baby oranges and bottle water :D Perfect! We went then went right back in line and got tickets of 'Our Family' witch OMG if you haven't seen, please go watched it was soooo funny and super Cute, it's about an interracial couple that wants to get married and has to tell their families, I loved it and totally recommend you see it! If you do let me know! ;) Then we headed home where I fixed VEGAN Spaghetti and meat-less balls I made my own sauce and it came out soooo good!! yummmy!!
Sunday Night Aaron and I headed back to the movies to see shutter island It was good but expected better and I so did NOT like the eneding :\ if you haven't seen it wait for DVD lol That flower that you see there and also on my 365 Day Project is what Ex had for me when I went to pick him up on Sunday, it's a croshayed flower, that will never die!! *tear* my baby is so sweet!♥ It was a perfect weekend!!

How was yours?

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Anonymous said...

Ok. I loved Shutter Island. Haven't seen the Crazies, but my girl friends and I want to see it. That spaghetti looks very wholesome. I am completely impressed by your skills in the kitchen look wise. Can't say as I haven't TASTED anything... :)

chelsea rebecca said...

i am seriously dying over that vegan pasta! i've been vegetarian almost 3 years and the one thing i miss the most is spaghetti and meatballs! oh man my stomach is growling! hah. glad you had such a wonderful weekend!!

Sentrell said...

I saw Our Family Wedding with my boyfriend this past weekend too. It was hilarious!!! I didnt expect it to be sooo funny. Ive recommended it to my friends too. Looks like you had fun!