Monday, March 08, 2010

Day 7 & 8

We have to back track to Sunday since I didn't do a post assignment. So here we go Day 7 and 8!

Day 7: Confession Time It took me a while to get over the fact that I may never be a size 6. My body is just not built to be that size. Not to say I couldn't be smaller but trying to kill myself, literally to be something I'm not and will never be is insane and I could say that now and know it's true. Like many young women I did it all when it came to, losing weight. I would spend hours looking at magazines only then to spend more hours looking at all the things that were wrong with me, "if only I could have those arms, with that stomach, and those legs.." I remember laying in bed picturing the perfect body with my head attached. (because I loved my face just not my body) I guess it didn't help that I was always bigger then my older sisters. Just being so uncomfortable in my own skin, I would do anything to try to escape it; over taking ex-lax, purge after eating, not eating anything at all, or exercising like a mad women. But like most over-weight or people who suffer from eating disorders, that doesn't last very long and you end up gaining more weight in the end. ha. go figure. It's just a terrible, nasty cycle and you hurt yourself more than anything else! As I grew older and in maturity I realized, this is my body, might as well embrace it! It wasn't as simple as that, it took lots of work and I can't deny that I still get a little envious of my smaller girlfriends and sisters. When I have those moments I just take it for what it is, I'm human and it's going to happen, it doesn't mean that I'm not happy with me and my body it just means that I appreciate someone else too. I've come to realize that I would rather be healthy than wear a certain size. I'm content and happy with my shape and size, I'm always willing to improve and lose some but I will ONLY do it the healthy way and because I WANT TO not because of anyone else or something I seen! Bottom line is I am me, the way god intended, why waste precious life crying, wishing, and hurting yourself over some thing you weren't meant to be. I believe that everyone can help them self be who they were meant to be but you can't force yourself to be someone your not. At the end of the day I'm happy being me at a size 4 or size 14 because I know REALISTIC being a size 4 wont make me any richer, happier, smarter, funnier, or prettier. So what's the point! I take walks at night, I'm a vegan, I play with my son, I try my best to stay active, and stay far away from fast-food and junk food. I avoid negative and down plays about sizes and weight. Everyone is always going to have an opinion and preference and there is always going to be an ignorant person who wants to put someone down. You can't play into it, the stronger your love is for yourself the LESS it will bug you. I confess I was obsessed with my weight and looks and now I'm just happily and very much in love with the skin I'm in!

As you can see this is a huge one and it may make a lot of you uncomfortable and that's ok, that's the idea, sometimes we need to be "pushed" out of our comfort zone in order to make change! But again I don't want anyone to do a post that they feel like they can't or shouldn't. Again you can always do the assignment and keep it private! Either way I encourage you ALL out there reading this to DO IT, Confess your Body Secrets & Truths, share a story, a thought, a lesson, something meaningful or just releasing something you've been denying or on the other hand proud you've over come. Everyone has a story and believe it or not someone out there NEEDS to hear it and it will touch and effect their life like you would never imagine.

Day 8: "look what I can do!" We spend way to much time and engery complaining about what we don't have and have TOO much off. TODAY I want to have a little fun, while appreciating the SMALL things that make us, YOU special, everyone has certain talents that their BODY allows and aids them in doing, from standing on your head to one armed push-ups or even just crossing your eyes! There are people out there who CAN NOT do those things and YOU CAN, that's something to be thankful and should be celebrated, I know it sounds silly but some people need baby steps to get to loving their body unconditionally and that's ok, we shall start here by making some funny faces, yoga poses, whatever it takes to say, Hey I love my body cause I can do this...." Give yourself 4, look what I can do!!
1. I CAN cross one eye!
2. I CAN taco my tongue!
3. I CAN do "may the force be with you"! & I never even seem those movies lmao
4. I CAN blow huge bubbles with my gum! haha This is huge for me because for the longest time I couldn't and it would frustrate me so much! Now I'm so good! lol

Now tell me What Can your body Do?

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chelsea rebecca said...

OH MY GOODNESS! i adore your blog!! and i love your body projecT! hooray for body love!! its simply wonderful. i love you bubble popping ability!!! i can roll my tongue too! its my favorite!

Jayka said...

you are so brave, and such an inspiration! thanks for offering us a chance to join in with you :)

sheiswinterwest said...

this project is amazing!!! if i had a proper camera i would join :(