Thursday, March 04, 2010

Body Love Day four

Day 4 of Love you Body Month!

I want to start off with Thanking all of you for all your support, love, and participation in my loving yourself movement. It means the world to me and I really hope that you all take something from this month, even if you don't participate in any of the postings. I would also like to clarify a few things before we get started, You do not have to do all the post to join in on this and don't have to post anything your NOT comfortable with, in my 1st post about Body Love Month I stated that the photo shoot could remain private, that you didn't have to post the photos. The point of this MONTH is not to make anyone feel uncomfortable, it's meant to make you feel comfortable in your own skin, be proud of your body and not ashamed! I'm simple using myself as a support tool to get you to that point or build you love high, pass some knowledge of maybe things you didn't know. Simple not judgment, not force of doing anything you don't feel like doing! The profiles I build of each member who "wants in" is to motivate others to join and to keeps the members motivated as well! The other thing I wanted to touch on was the, "I hate my body" comments, That's exactly why I'm doing this there are too many women who feel that way, who think that way, I'm NO WHERE NEAR PERFECT but one thing I shared with Ms. Keys today was, "my tummy is not my favorite but I love it because it carried my son for 9 months and my boyfriend loves it and that's all the matters" For those women out there who say "I hate my body" I really encourage you to join in on this month and just try to find love for your body and I know you will. I encourge you to look beyond the stereotype "hottie" and embrace all of you!♥

I would now like to introduce you to Love Your Body QUOTE OF THE DAY
QOTD has been contributed my MC of Hello Dacey. MC took it upon her, own love of her body to dedicated her Regular QOTD to my Love Your Body Month Her blog is amazing and always inspiring! Thank you MC for adding more greatness to this month! Can't wait to get your profile started!
"Each individual woman's body demands to be accepted on its own terms."- Gloria Steinem

Now for Day Four Posting: It's time to look at our not so favorite things and turn that negativity to a positive! In my personal and daily life that is something I push to do EVERYDAY. I truly feel nothing is bad as it seems and EVERYTHING is as GOOD as you make it! I push you to really reflect on this next post be honest and real and know that nothing can really change, unless YOU change it! Love is where you make it!

List 5 things that are not your favorite (about your body)
but why you still love it and how you can make it better!

I really don't like my _______________ but I still love it because ________________. I can work on this by __________________________________.

I am LaLa and....

1. I really don't like my hands but I still love them because they do everything I need them to, even type these very blogs, hold my son's hand, and touch my man's face. I can work on this by finding pretty rings (that fit), keep my nails painted, remember that my hands are very similar to my moms!♥

2. I really don't like my arms but I still love them because I can embrace the ones I love, carry things, hold my baby niece, and they are strong enough to swim in the ocean. I can work on this by doing exercise for my arms, STOP hiding my arms, and once again remember I have my mommy arms lol :)

3. I really don't like my neck but I still love it because it holds my head up, supports my shoulders, and wears pretty chains. I can work on this by letting *him kiss my neck, give it more attention, buy more pretty chains, and remember that without it my head would fall right off lol

4. I really don't like my tummy but I still love it because it carried my child for 9 monthsI can work on this by doing more exercises to reduce and flatten my tummy, continue to eat and live well

5. I really don't like my gallbladder but I still love it because it aids in my digestive process and is no longer causing my problems I can work on this by staying away for greasy foods, exercising regularly, eating the right foods, and taking care of my body, inside and OUT!

Showing off what I really don't like..

It's Still NOT to late, JOIN IN and show your body some love!!!

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Jasmine Ra'chelle said...

i love it ! :)

coolboy said...

cool loooks nice

xoxoKrysten said...

I love coming to your blog and reading this. So inspiring!

emilia. said...

Your blog is darling! Keep up the good work, girl. :)

Elizabeth said...

awe, this is too sweet. i love what you said about not liking your belly but you carried your son in it, that just put me through tears! you have a lot of confidence and i commend you for that. your a great women/mom!

rachel said...

i love this. seriously, it's amazing. have you seen any of gala darlings "radical self love" project? i think you'd get a kick out of it...(apologies, i've been on your blog literally five seconds so sorry if i'm stating something blindingly obvious ;)

and hurrah for new blogosphere sisters ;) i am so excited about getting to know you better! xx

Michely Medeiros. said...

hi there!! again sorry for the fb your "love your body" project!!! how cool is that..turning negative to a positive :D

yay for sisterhood blogosphere!!!
cant wait first time participating!!!

Miss.Fortune said...

omg i love this!
you are really an inspiration.
this will teach ppl how to love themselves for who they are!!