Monday, March 01, 2010

and what a month it was

that quickly February is gone. can't believe it. where is all the time going...
here is my 28 days later.

So if you remember my goal for Feb was to get a little pink or red in every photo, I think I did ok, I believe there is only two photos that didn't have any red or pink. lol Next month I don't know yet, will see what I think of.

So tell me how did February treat you?


4 love notes:

Anonymous said...

February came out nice! I love it! February was good to me, but came and went way too quickly :(

Anonymous said...

awe, i really enjoyed these photos a lot!

Miss.Fortune said...

yes..that was a quick 28 thing i know its the first and i gotta pay rent. smh lol

KEYS said...

ahh i love it <3
its crazy to see the whole month laid infront of you man! time flies!