Monday, March 15, 2010

10 Things I learned this Weekend

1. Time flys when you're having FUN
2. I feel the best I ever felt...ever!
3. When you find you have NO TIME TO BLOG, it's a good thing ;)
4. Aaron really enjoys my vegan meals.
5. Life is so good when you change your ATTITUDE!
6. Everything happens for a reason!
7. Vitamin D (the s u n) is the most important vitamin of them all!
8. Not having a phone is a bitter-sweet!
9. Avoiding washing is not such a good thing, not that it's Monday...
10. Date Night/Day is a must-have in every relationship!!

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend, I did! :) I was unable to post all weekend and that's a great thing, although I'm behind on my LYBM post and other things I have in the works, I'm so grateful that I got to spend the entire weekend with my boo, we had two day dates in a row, seen three movies off our movie list and shared delicious vegan meals together, it was just amazing! On a sad note, :\ I miss my buddy Jayka while she was in town :| I got a message from her FB early on Saturday and like most of you know I'm without a phone right now so I had no way of hooking up with her :\ But I know there will be other times and money will get better so I will have a phone soon. We have to plan something soon!! Now that you know mine, tell me yours, what did you learn this weekend....

3 love notes:

Kara said...

Amazing! Love your positivity :)

krazy mad said...

i'm glad life is going well for you dearie =)
keep up the good attitude, positive brings positive

p.s. miss you too doll <3

rachel said...

love this entry! glad you had a good weekend hun :)
and loving your lyb stuff - fabulous, inspiring, encouraging stuff. keep it up lady! xxx