Monday, February 15, 2010

winner, winner tofu dinner!

I got such a Great Monday Morning surprise..... (& I thought today was gonna be lousy..)

So after entering a contest @ Wichser Studio last week, I WON! How lucky is that, I'm so thrilled!!! :D If you haven't visited Wichser Studio I really think you should, it's a great blog!!

The contest was based on a random drawing by Gale but to enter, "you must leave a comment on this entry stating one thing about you that others may find odd." and I thought I would share my answer with all my readers :D

"Something odd.. hmmm well people think it's odd that I'm pretty much obsessed with smells, I have to smell everything (everything) lol what's even odder is my favorite smells, which include,
freshly cut grass, crayons, nail salons, and the smell of "clean" like right after you clean a room with pine sol or bleach wipes lol" -lala

Many thank yous to Wichser Studio, I can't wait to get my goodies, I'm super excited! To see what I won go to: Wichser Studio


6 love notes:

Anonymous said...

Yay!! CONGRATS! Thats so exciting!

Jayka said...

Congrats love!

Madi Rose said...

that is so fun. i love winning things. and its so funny cause im like that will smells too. welll, good smells. i will purposely clean my room with bleach spray or whatever so i can just lay on my bed and smell it :)

Charles said...

Congrats on the win...I know that definitely made your sure would've made mine.

Kia Poison said...

hey darling.

happy belated valentines day!
So i was thinking of you last friday because i know you were thinking of going to see martins stand up..i went, and i died from laughter. wish you were there..

did you change your number? ive been texting! and no responses lady!

Anonymous said...

Yay! winning is fun, and i also am obsessed with smells!